Get Recruited to Play Soccer in College

Get Recruited to Play Soccer in College

College Soccer Recruitment - Useful tips and information 

Playing soccer in college is a rewarding experience that more Dynamo Soccer Club players decide to pursue with every passing year. As the club continues to grow and produce college-level players, the need to provide proper guidance to those interested in pursuing these opportunities also grows. For those players who have made the choice to pursue playing soccer in college, the information contained on this page will help guide them through the process from start to finish. Additionally, players who would like to speak directly with a club staff member about the recruiting process may always contact the office at 804-730-6510, and/or email Shawn Martin at

Things to keep in mind.

As players enter and proceed through the College Recruiting process, there are several universal themes that must be considered:

  • Academics matter most when considering a school, and when a school considers you
    • A good GPA and test scores are a must
    • Athletic prowess alone rarely provides a direct route into universities for soccer players
  • Consideration must be given to all factors when choosing a school
    • Options for desired major/minor - specialty programs or Masters programs
    • Proper athletic fit - coaches style and personality, team playing style, program rules
    • The school fits desired social setting - big/small, rural/urban, etc.
    • Cost and scholarship opportunities - academic, athletic, and community scholarships
  • Recruiting process is nearly always a self-initiated and maintained project - has no relation to ESPN style basketball/football recruiting
    • Players must take initiative, be responsive to communication, and market themselves properly

It is important to consider that when looking for a college to attend, players are seeking an institution where they will spend the next four years of their life in academic and athletic pursuits. To make the most educated decision possible, players should start early, work hard on the recruiting process, and seek out all necessary information before making a decision on their intended destination.

Getting recruited to play College Soccer - A Highschool Timeline

Below is a suggested timeline for potential college players to follow to get the most out of the recruiting process. For further assistance with college preparation and guidance, please contact your high school guidance counselor or the Director of Coaching.

Freshman Year of High School

  • Complete the Player Development Plan above to ensure player is on the right track for college readiness
  • Continue or seek out participation in the VYSA ODP Program to gain additional exposure and training opportunities
  • Begin composing a soccer resume and cover letter - understand that this will be updated each year (guidance above)

Sophomore Year of High School

  • Schedule College Guidance Meeting with Director of Coaching during the summer between Freshman and Sophomore year
  • Start to complete the College ID Worksheet listed above - list all schools of interest, and research each thoroughly
  • Continue work on soccer resume and cover letter - include most recent accomplishments and academic information
  • Schedule meeting with school guidance counselor to discuss requirements for eligibility and coursework
    • Ensure registration of classes in Junior year to meet NCAA requirements
  • Register for and take the PSAT test - utilize these scores and experience to prepare to take the SAT the following year
  • Continue or seek out participation in the VYSA ODP Program to gain additional exposure and training opportunities

Junior Year of High School

  • Prior to Junior year, register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and update regularly with course work and relevant test scores
    • Schedule and take the SAT and/or ACT - update scores in the NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Complete the College ID Worksheet and begin to narrow list of schools down to between 5 and 8 - based on research, desired major, etc.
    • Meet with the Director of Coaching to ensure that list of schools fit with playing style and capabilities
  • Contact the coaches from the updated list of schools - send resume, cover letter, club match and tournament schedules for the year
    • Follow up with the coaches contacted at least once per fall and spring season to provide updates and express interest in their program
  • Begin to make unofficial visits to colleges of interest - try to watch team play a match and meet with the coach
  • Meet with your school guidance counselor to ensure continued compliance with NCAA requirements for coursework going into Senior year
  • Continue or seek out participation in the VYSA ODP Program to gain additional exposure and training opportunities

Senior Year of High School

  • Select the 3 to 5 schools of most interest during the summer prior to Senior year
  • Attend two to three identification camps the summer prior to Senior year - identified schools camps or camps where those coaches will attend
  • Prior to Senior year, complete the FAFSA - begin to apply for scholarships (check with guidance counselor for available opportunities)
  • Complete applications to the schools of interest prior to December of Senior year
  • Schedule official visits at the schools of interest - overnight stays are a useful way to learn more about the team and school
    • Continue to update coaches with most recent athletic schedules, achievements, and academic information
  • Review acceptances received from schools and make a decision based on academic, athletic, and social fit

Every player will have a different experience throughout the recruiting process, and it is important to remember that the athlete drives the process. Players who plan ahead, maintain communication, and follow through with the steps outlined above will be well on track to have a successful recruiting experience.

Contact your Highschool Counseling Center for more information regarding your academics!

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