Cold weather dress / Match Absence protocol

Dressing for Cold Weather

Please make sure while the weather is colder your child has dressed appropriately for practices and games.

- Tight fitting, under armor type clothing, is preferred, turtlenecks are ok; players need to wear their Dynamo Soccer Club training shirts over top
- Stocking caps are allowed as long it is a basic tight-fitting cap; no pompoms or hanging pieces
- Gloves are allowed but please note during games they can affect the ability to do a proper throw-in; a glove with some type of grip may be best
- Ear wraps/headband wraps are preferred over ear muffs- there is less chance of them falling off and better coverage
- No scarves

We prefer players to wear shorts during training; players need full movement and the ability to play off their shins/knees/legs and extra clothing impedes their ability; please note they are not allowed to wear warm-up pants or any kind of pants during games; some referees allow under armor pants in cold weather, with socks and shorts worn over top, but that is up to the discretion of the referee and usually only for the younger age groups.

Players may bring warm-up pants/training pants to wear to practices and games during periods of rest and warm up.
Hydration is important during the winter; players tend to drink less because it is not hot, but they must drink enough water to avoid dehydration and cramps; please make sure they are drinking enough during the day and take a large water jug to practice.

Protocol for Missing League Matches

If a player needs to miss a game match, the player needs to text Shawn, at 804-201-0272 or email, and clearly state:

-Their full name

-Their team

-The reason why they are missing

Players are also required to report this absence to their team manager as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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